Expedition ONE LIFE Groups

Expedition ONE LIFE Groups (now meeting in Minden, LA) serve to encourage Christian growth both spiritually and numerically in the body of Christ.  Every member is encouraged to share life & faith in Jesus Christ through words of encouragement and acts of kindness and service.  Bible study, singing, encouraging one another, dinners, movies, recreation, picnicks, outdoor activities and service to the church and community are all a part of Expedition ONE LIFE Groups.  Encouraging others to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ is our main purpose and goal.  The setting is always honoring of our Lord and gracious to our members.  You don’t have to be a member of the church to participate.  If you would like to visit one or more groups please call Keith C. Brown on his cell at (573) 366-9524 or email at keith.c.brown@agapepoint.org .

Team: Ambassadors is led by Keith Brown

Team: Homeward Bound is lead by (in preparation)

Team: Lighthouse is lead by (in preparation)

Team: Daybreak is lead by (in preparation)

6 Responses to Expedition ONE LIFE Groups

  1. agapepoint says:

    I am so thankful for everyone’s interest and participation in helping to make Expedition ONE LIFE Groups get off to a great start! We have four groups with one meeting at the building each Sunday evening at 6 PM. Three groups meeting out in town at different times the rest of the week. Plus the youth group meeting at six at the building. I am looking forward to the spiritual and numerical growth of all our groups as well as the overall growth of our congregation. Thanks everyone. Thank you Lord.

  2. Brenda Werner says:

    A BIG thank you to Murray Nolan for being “the man” at “Homeward Bound’s” group meeting at Ms. Mary Thompson’s house yesterday afternoon (2-13-11). Seeing as how Ivan Wilson and Ron Werner, the other two men in the group are ill, he was the one and only and did a fantastic job! Present besides Ms. Mary, were Sue, Barbara, Pam, Brenda, Jeanene, Marilyn W. (hopefully our newcomer to the group). Amanda was not with us and neither was Gwili (ill also). We had an uplifting devo and time spent in singing and reading from God’s word…all present truly enjoyed it and our Father was praised! Thanks again, B.W.

    • Murray Nolan says:

      Thanks Brenda! We have a great group, with God’s guidance we can do good works in his name. Love ya!
      Murray (Barry)

      • Ivan Wilson says:

        Thanks, Murray for stepping up to the plate to help. I’m still not entirely well but I am comforted by knowing you did such a wonderful job while Ron and I were out sick.

  3. Brenda Werner says:

    The “Homeward Bound” group met last night and had a great time of fellowship, study & discussion, prayer and sharing a meal. We are drawing closer together and sharing and learning more about each other….which will help us individually as well as collectively, to serve and honor our God and Savior. To the two that were unable to be with us….you were missed!

  4. Brenda Werner says:

    Thanks to Murray and Jeanene Nolan for their hospitality yesterday evening. The Homeward Bound group met at their home and had a great time of study and discussion of God’s word, followed by a time of fun and fellowship. Several of the group were unable to be there and were greatly missed. We look forward to our next gathering with great anticipation!

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